72-Year-Old Boy with Plants Goes Viral

Founder Of Planterra Larry Pliskam joined us on The Nine to talk plants and going viral overnight. Check it out in the video player above.

Pliska is the 72-year-old owner of the West Bloomfield-based plant business and found himself in unlikely company when his photo was featured on the Instagram page for @BoyswithPlants. 

To say he had a brush with internet fame is an understatement. The @BoyswithPlants site usually posts images of shirtless young men showing off their six-packs, or wearing little more than a strategically-placed plant. Larry was pictured fully-clothed carrying a massive Monstera plant, and he happens to be decades older than most of the men chosen to be featured on the site. Still, he's earned more than 9.700 likes and over 100 comments of flattering feedback, above and beyond many of the other men featured on the page. 

Find more on Planterra's Instagram @PlanterraPlants and on their website https://planterra.com/.