Amy's Angel donates van to Jay's Juniors family

An Allen Park family who was chosen as a WNIC Jay's Junior received the surprise of a lifetime from a FOX 2 Amy's Angel.

Every year, Jay Towers and WNIC take several families with chronic or terminally ill children on an all-expense paid trip to Walt Disney World. These "Jay's Juniors" get a chance to leave Michigan and go on the trip of a lifetime that otherwise may not be possible.

Matthew Armstrong is one of Jay's Juniors this year. He and his family just got back from the big trip to Disney in December. A few weeks ago, though, Jay noticed that the family was in need of help getting a handicap accessible van for Matthew.

Matthew was born healthy. When he was 3, he slipped and fell. His family got Matthew an MRI just to be safe -- and learned he had Vanishing White Matter Leukodystrophy, an incurable, untreatable, terminal brain diease.

Doctors told the Armstrong family that Matthew had months to live. Matthew has beaten the odds -- and he's now 12.

Matthew still has never-ending doctor appointments, though, and his family was in desparate need of a handicap accessible vehicle. His mother, Flora, got a hernia just lifting her son in and out of the regular vehicle they had.

Mikey Whiteside from had also recently contacted the Amy's Angels team, saying he had a van he wants to donate. Jay and Amy knew this was a perfect match.

Jay brought the Armstrong family to the FOX 2 studio, and they thought they were there doing a story about their GoFundMe efforts -- but they were surprised when a FOX 2 stagehand rolled back our studio door and they saw a van already parked in our storage area. It was all for them.

You can see the moment the family sees their new vehicle in the video player above. is also paying all of the taxes for the family, and will stay in contact in case any maintenance issues arise. They also gave $1,000 to the family.

"This is a huge blessing," Flora said after taking it all in.

If you'd like to stay updated on Matthew's journey, you can follow their Facebook page Hope and Prayers for Matthew