Amy's Angels: OBGYN Dr. Debbie Charfoos provides free treatment for uninsured patients

A local doctor is spreading her compassion through volunteer efforts around metro Detroit and treating uninsured patients. 

Three years ago, OBGYN doctor Debbie Charfoos got involved with, started by her good friend.

"They were building birthing centers in the mountains of Nepal and they needed my input being a OBGYN," she said.

Once she got involved, she saw all the things they were doing in Detroit and decided to start volunteering to help the under-insured community.

"A lot of the patients are people that just don't have enough to pay for insurance but they might have a job. All different age ranges," she said.

Charfoos says it's important to have this type of health available because of the risk of cancer. She says they do a free mammogram clinic with a portable machine. 

"We actually have the ability to write prescriptions for free vegetables," she said.

Across the street from the SAY clinic, the Buckets of Rain garden is a community initiative started to fill dozens of garden beds with free fruits and vegetables for Highland Park. Charfoos can write perscriptions for her SAY Clinic patients to get free healthy fruits and vegetables.

Watch the video player above to learn more.