Amy's Angels story helps inspire man to give gift of life to another

Earlier this year, James Baker saw the Amy's Angels story on Emily Stillman, a teen who died of bacterial meningitis within hours of getting the worst headache she'd ever had. Her memory lives on through her organ donations: Emily's family donated six of her organs to save five lives.

James was inspired by Emily's story and started to do a little research about organ donations. Meanwhile, a family friend in the Philadelphia area was living with kidney failure. Several days each week, Ross Bear would undergo hours of dialysis, only to lose several more hours each day from medical exhaustion. Ross just wanted to keep going for his wife, Marnie, and young sons Ethan 12, and Henry 14.

James knew he had to help.

Fast forward a few months, and James' kidney was deemed a match for Ross and in September, Ross received the kidney donation in New York City. Both men feel very blessed knowing Emily brought them together with a news story.

Now, fast forward a few more months, and Ross is in town from Philadelphia for National Donor Sabath. He stopped by Emily's grave to pay his respects and say a special blessing. The group will all be sharing their story at Temple Shir Shalom in West Bloomfield Friday night, Nov. 20 at 7:30 p.m.

Ross has never met Emily's family before, but he got to meet Emily's mother, Alicia, on The Nine. You can watch the special moment in the video player above.

Ross and Jim are planning a trip next spring to hike the Appalachian Mountains. Ross knows he will be feeling great and can do now that he has Jim's kidney.

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