Atwater Brewery opening Grand Rapids location

Atwater Brewery is opening a new tap house and beer garden in Grand Rapids later this summer. To give the west side a little preview, Atwater is taking part in the Grand Taste at the Meijer lPGA Classic Golf Tournament.

It will be one of the restaurants and beer vendors at the event, which is June 16-19. You can get more information at

Executive Chef Jason Medina joined us in the FOX 2 Cooking School to tell us more, along with Michigan golf expert TOm Lang. You can get Chef Jason's recipe for smoked poblano and cheese soup below.

Smoked Poblano and Cheese Soup

- 4 cups carrot, large dice
- 4 cups celery, large dice
- 4 cups white onion, large dice
- 8 tsp garlic, large dice
- 8 fire roasted poblano, de-seed, large dice (roast poblanos on range until charred (not burnt but charred... use kitchen rage to rub off charred outer skin to the best of your ability).
- 2 Jalapeno, de-seed, large dice
- 2 tablespoons Kosher Salt
- 2 teaspoons black pepper
- 4 teaspoons Oregano
- 1 block of butter (to saute vegetables)

1. Put all vegetables through a food processor
2. Melt the butter and then Saute all vegetables and spices.

- 1 qt heavy cream
- 96oz vegetable stock
- Roux to thicken (you want this one to be kinda thick, so whisk in a pretty good amount of roux).
- 64oz beer purpple gang

3. add liquids to the vegetables

- 3 lbs sharp cheddar cheese
- 6 cups pizza blend cheese

4. Add cheese slowly to the soup. Use a whisk to incorporate completely
5. Once all cheese is in, let soup sit at low heat to combine all flavors for 30 min.
6. Run the emmersion blender ("stick blender") through soup in order to give a final mix/ further puree any remaining chunks of veggies, cheese, or roux).
7. Once soup has cooled, put it in a cambro, correctly date/ label, put in walk-in.

Top with parsley to serve.