Atwater in the Park's crispy beer braised pork belly

Summers can be problematic for families in need. As schools send the students home for summer break, many go without the lunch they usually get every day. Atwater in the Park is helping Meijer raise money to change that.

Meijer's Simply Give program helps restock pantries so families can have the food they need through the summer. The Meijer LPGA Classic in Grand Rapids raises money to do exactly that and hopes to raise $1 million for Michigan food pantries.

Chef Anthony Patton from Atwater in the Park prepared the Crispy Beer Braised Pork Belly as Derek Kevra salivated over the tasty dish.  CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE

The LPGA Classic is in Grand Rapids but you can donate by buying a $10 Meijer card. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.