Braised brisket atop deep-fried mac 'n' cheese from O'Mara's

This recipe for braised brisket atop deep-fried mac 'n' cheese comes courtesy of Chef Lee Reish from O'Mara's in Berkley. For more information on the restaurant, visit

Cajun spice
ground rosemary
cracked black pepper
granulated garlic

Rub brisket with the above mixture of seasonings.
Place in a large roaster, with celery, onion and carrot. Also add 1" beef stock to the pan.
Start in a hot oven (450) for 20 min to give the brisket some color. Finish, covered,  at 300 until very tender. (4-6 hrs depending on size of brisket). Let rest. Slice.

Make your favorite mac & cheese recipe. Put in a shallow container (2")

In the fridge. When it gets very cold it should be easy to cut into squares (or other cool shape). dip the mac squares into milk and  coat with bread crumbs. Drop into 350 degree oil in a deep fryer. When the outside is golden brown, the inside will be creamy.
Put the mac and cheese on a plate, drape with slices of brisket, and top with some fine strips of sweet potato that have been flash fried.

Finish with sauce that is made from the braising liquid. Remove fat from liquid, thicken slightly by reduction, slurry or roux. Adjust seasoning and serve with brisket.