Brunch with Jim Brady's in Ann Arbor

Jim Brady's in Ann Arbor has recently rolled out a brunch menu. 

Tom Brady and executive chef Ian Hockenberger joined us on The Nine to tell us more about the menu. They also showed us how they prepare their chilaquiles. You can get the recipe below. 

For the Braised Chicken
¼ Cup oil (canola, corn or other)
2 pounds diced chicken thigh meat
1 Cup sliced yellow onion
2 TBSP garlic.
¼ Cup chipotle chilies, pureed
1 Quart beer (we use 7 mile red from ROAK brewery)

1.    In a large heavy bottomed pot over medium high heat, heat oil.
2.    Salt and pepper meat and brown in pot for 5 minutes.  
3.    Add onions, garlic and chipotle and continue to cook another 5 minutes.
4.    Add beer to pot.  
5.    Reduce heat to a simmer.  
6.    Braise on stovetop until meat is very tender.  Cook time should be about an hour.  
7.    Adjust seasoning(salt) to your taste.  Chicken can be served immediately or held and reheated.  

For the Chilaquiles 
2 ounces Corn Tortilla Chips
6 ounces salsa verde (you can also use red salsa if you prefer)
2 Ounces White Cheddar, grated
4 ounces Braised Chicken
1 egg
¼ avocado, sliced
1 TBSP Pico de gallo
2 tsp cotija cheese (a salty dry Mexican queso, you can substitute parmesan)

To assemble the chilaquiles
    Place 2 oz. of salsa in the bottom of cast iron skillet (or any broiler safe dish).
    Place a layer of half the chips on the salsa
    Top with half the chicken and half the cheddar
    Add another layer of chips.  
    Add the rest of the chicken, cheddar and salsa in that order.
    Bake under a broiler to melt cheese.  Chips should get a little brown.
    While the cheese is melting, crack an egg into a nonstick skillet.  Cook it sunny side up, or to your liking.  A runny yolk makes a good addition to the salsa.
    Place egg on top of chips.  Garnish with pico, avocado and cotija cheese.