Changing your taillight with Jill of All Trades

This week, our Jill of All Trades, Jill Washburn, shows us how easy it can be to change a taillight on a vehicle.  

Not every vehicle will be as easy to work on as Jill's 2011 Grand Cherokee is, but a lot of them are very similar.  

Jill recommends searching Youtube for a video specific to your vehicle's make and model, so that you know the exact process that will work for you. Jill's was super easy. The whole swapping process of old-to-new only took minutes.

Jill's light was held in by only two fasteners. Once she released those, the taillight came right out. After that, all she had to do was swap out the electrical connectors and pop the new assembly in and reinstall the fasteners.  

**NOTE**  When you install the new light, make sure you check the fits around the edges, to make sure that it's seated properly. If those look (and feel) right, you are good to go!

Actually, Jill says, the toughest part was locating the part for a reasonable price.  

Originally, Jill went to her favorite dealer's parts department. Even though Jill only needed the plastic part that she accidently punctured, the taillight is only available as a complete assembly. That assembly was over $220 at the dealer!  

Even discounted, it was close to $200. Jill was hoping for a cheaper option.  

A friend suggested looking into salvage parts. Originally, Jill passed on that option until… she realized what the quality of salvage parts can be, and how much money she could save!  

The same part that retailed for $220 at the dealer could be had at a salvage place for $75! Jill jumped at the chance.

Once she had the part in hand, Jill couldn't believe how good it looked. It looked brand new! Now she's sold on using salvaged parts as an option.


To watch Jill take you through the taillight swapping process, click on the video player above.