Chef Bobby shares his quick, pickled summer veggie recipe

As summer is quickly coming to a close, many of us are reaping the harvest of our backyard gardens. 

Have some extra veggies you're not sure what to do with? Chef Bobby joined us on The Nine to show us how he pickles his summer veggies. 

The recipe doesn't take long to prep and will fill up two pint jars. Picking out the veggies and then stuffing them in the jars can also be a fun way to get the kids involved. 

For a less salty taste, keep the veggies in the brine just overnight. If you want that truly pronounced pickle flavor, you can keep them in the brine for several days. Chef Bobby says four days is optimal, and then they'll be good in the fridge for about three weeks -- but he bets they won't last that long. These pickled veggies make a great on-the-go snack, or an easy side dish when you're grilling out. 

You can watch as Chef Bobby walks us through the recipe in the video player above, and get his recipe here