Co-working, co-op preschool opens in Detroit

Being a working parent can take a toll on anyone, especially when you feel like you are missing out on your child growing up. One Detroit mom has created a space where parents can work while their kids are right in the next room.

Detroit Parent Collective gives the city its first-ever combined co-working space and co-op preschool.

Founder Krista McClure joined us on The Nine to tell us more about the idea. She says she saw the need for a space that provides a space for both kids and parents. 

"What is really unique about our co-op is we're not only inviting families to be a part of what's happening in the classroom, become familiar with the materials, be introduced to healthy, organic meals -- you have a highly qualified teacher with a double Ph.D but then you also have your parent who can be a part of what you're experiencing," McClure says. 

Drop-in rates are $30, or you can join for $375 a month. 

You can get more information about Detroit Parent Collective at