Cooking Atlantic salmon with Andiamo

Content sponsored and provided by Andiamo

Andiamo Executive chef Jim Oppat joined us in the FOX 2 Cooking School to show us another recipe, a salmon dish that he says is perfect for those on the keto diet. 

You can watch as he prepares the dish in the video player above, and get hs recipe below. 

Ingredients for 4-6 servings:
2 lb. Atlantic Salmon, Canadian cold water
1Tbls.    Lemon juice
2Tbls.    Salt-free spices
1quart    Chicken or Fish Stock
8ounces Potato, peeled and chopped
1lb. Rock shrimp
4ounces Fava Beans, blanched and peeled
4ounces Cabbage, napa, shredded
1pint Tomatoes, grape, halved
½ cup Chives, fresh chopped (reserving some for garnish)
To taste Lemon juice, fresh squeezed
To taste White pepper, ground

1.    Divide the salmon into equal portions and brush with the lemon juice.
2.    Sprinkle with the salt-free seasonings and allow to rest at room temperature for up to 15 minutes before grilling.
3.    In the meantime, combine the chicken stock and potato together and bring to the simmer.
4.    Cook until the potato is tender enough to puree to a smooth consistency.
5.    Return to the low simmer and add the raw shrimp, cook until firm.
6.    Add the raw vegetables and simmer until tender.
7.    Season to taste with chives, lemon juice and ground pepper.
8.    Adjust consistency by adding more stock if needed.
9.    On a pre-heated grill, sear the salmon and obtain nice caramelization on each side.
10.    Cook the salmon until medium-medium well, about 145 ̊ F.
11.    Place a generous amount of ragu in heated rimmed bowls.
12.    Top each bowl with a grilled salmon portion and garnish with remaining chives.