Detroit 2 Austin Bike Ride

The hashtag is #detroit2austin and it's looking to be one heck of a bike ride.

The three friends will pedal 1600 miles from the northern half of the country to the southern half. And it all starts in Detroit. 

Their goal is to raise awareness for charities that promote awareness that are often overlooked issues: chive charities, coalition of dwarf advocacy and healing vercammen hearts.

Be on the lookout as the date for takeoff approaches as the social media-savy bikers will document their journey before and during the trip. They'll be posting pictures and videos for their followers to watch their travels.

They'll be stopping in Toledo, Indianapolis, Oklahoma City and Dallas before ending in Austin. 

Dane Wittig, Colin McConnell and Tyler Wittig will begin the ride in September.

For more information on their journey, donations and how you can keep up with the bikers, click here for more!