Detroit woman starts Uber-like service for kids

Back to school season means it's time for parents to start figuring out those daily ride schedules again - but a new company in Oakland County may just be the helping hand you're looking for. The company is called Kidz Cab, and consider it the Uber ride for kids.

It works like this.

Rides must be booked online by parents at A Kidz Cab driver will pick your child up wearing a full uniform and a photo ID.

Each car is equipped with technology and alerts the parent with a text message when the vehicle arrives at the destination. Company founder, Aireal Taylor, stresses that the vehicle's technology sends out the arrival alert message, not the driver. The technology also allows parents to watch the vehicle's travels in real-time, so you can see every stop the vehicle makes. The 27-year-old joined FOX 2's Jay Towers and Anqunette Jamison Monday morning to talk about her company.

She says she and her mom are the only drivers right now, and that they've been giving about five rides a day since they launched on August 1. She says about 200 parents have already registered.

So, the company is currently looking for new drivers, and Taylor says they're looking for chauffers who have some sort of childcare background, such as nannies, babysitters, teachers or retired school bus drivers. The job would only be part time, so it can fit any schedule. Obviously, each driver must pass an extensive background check and would be subject to random drug and alcohol screenings.

Rides start at $10. That gets you up to 10 miles. The cost goes up $5 for every 10 mile increment after that. So, trips between 11 and 20 miles long cost $15, and so forth.

Another thing to note is each car has a booster seat available.

VIDEO: You can learn more about Kidz Cab by watching Taylor's interview in the video player above.