Digging for Gold: The things found in our family homes

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This week's segment of Digging for Gold brings us a handful of items from around metro Detroit. 

Michelle's life ring is made from copper. It was determined to date to the mid 1900s, and valued around $100. Melissa's mermaid collectable was determined to be made out of copper, and valued at around $150.

Les and Seth said Carol's grandmother's broach is only worth about $30-$40, but that these art nouveau-style broaches are very popular and sell very quickly.

Rita's bayonette was detemined to be a reproduction, but was still valued at around $75-$100.

Les and Seth believe Debbie's wolf figurine is a souvenier of sorts from Italy, and Debbie says her family came from Italy in 1915. It was valued around $50-$75.

If you have an item you've been curious about, you can submit it to be possibly features on our Digging for Gold segment. Les and Seth also suggest digging through your drawers for old pens and lighters, as those are often high-value collectibles. You can watch the segment in the video player above to get more helpful tips from the pawn masters.