Eastern Market shopping and pasta making with Gold Cash Gold chef

She's usually in studio with us showing us how to make a wholesome meal for our families, but this time Chef Kelli Lewton and Gold Cash Gold Chef Reid Shipman take us to Eastern Market to walk us through their meal prep. Chef Reid says their Gold Cash Gold staff makes at least two trips a week to Eastern Market and the Kerrytown Farmer's Market in Ann Arbor.

VIDEOS: The two take us through their process to find the ingredients for some dishes they're making later that evening. Chef Kelli also visits Yemans street Pop-Up Kitchen. You can find Chef Reid's recipe for the squash pasta below.

You can check out Chef Reid's dish at his pop-up dinner on Monday, Nov. 9. Tickets are $85. Click here for tickets and more information.

Chef Reid's Heirloom Autumn Squash Pasta
(serves 4)

3.5 cups or 400 g AP flour
1 pint (packed) or 400g Squash Puree
2 eggs

Roast Squash Puree
-  split squash in half with a knife
-  Clean guts out of squash
-  preheat oven to 300* F
-  rub squash down with olive oil and salt
-  Roast for 20-30 minutes or until fork tender. (some varietals of squash will take longer to bake)
-  let squash cool until you can handle with your bare hands.
-  using a kitchen spoon, remove the flesh of the squash from the skin.
-  puree squash using a blender. let cool to room temp

Pasta Dough
- Measure the squash puree.
- Add puree to eggs and fold into flour until uniform in shape. let rest for 1 hour - overnight.
- Keep extra flour incase dough requires more.
- Dust bench with extra flour.
- roll pasta from the center out until you have a sheet 1/4" thick
- Fold dough in half like a book and roll dough till it is 1/8-1/4 " thick.
- Dust the dough heavily. fold in half. using a knife cut dough into desired shape and length.
- Have boiling water ready. add salt to the water and add your pasta. cook for 1-2 minutes.
- Remove from water and drain. toss with a little oil so that the pasta will not stick.
- Serve with your favorite sauce or with a little infused oil, and enjoy!

Chef Reid's Preserved Mushrooms
1/2 pound of favorite mushrooms, cut to desired shape.
3 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
1/2 Cup fresh herbs (tarragon and parsley, whole leaf)
1 whole shallot small diced
as needed Extra Virgin olive oil
as needed Salt
-In a skillet pan at medium high heat, lightly coat with oil.
-add mushrooms and allow to brown on one side. season with salt and allow moisture to
-when the moisture is almost all gone add shallot and allow to cook until tender. stir if needed.
-when shallot is tender add vinegar to pan and the whole leaf herb.
-remove from the heat and pack mushrooms into a tall storage container.
-with remaining olive oil, pour over mushroom until they are just covered.
-store in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks.
-serve mushrooms with eggs, toast, steak, pork, pasta, or salads. Enjoy