Exercise tips from Detroit Pilates owner

Over time our muscles get weak - all of them. Sometimes, this can cause embarrassment like incontinence. But there is a popular exercise you can do to strengthen your entire core.

Owner of Detroit pilates Brenda Freeman joins us on The Nine to tell us more about it.

Brenda has worked with many women over the years with this issue.  While we often hear that women should do Kemal exercises engaging and strengthening the pelvic floor is key.  Here are few Pilate's movements/ exercises that can really help.

1) Core breathing (how to engage the pelvic floor, "picking up a jelly bean" "stopping the flow of urine")
2) Pelvic lift/bridge
3) Sliding the foot in and out
4) Clam shell
5) Single leg circles
6) Standing squats

For more information on detroit pilates, visit www.detroit-pilates.com.