Fashion forward footwear at The Shoe Box

The Shoe Box is a fairly new addition to Detroit's Avenue of Fashion, but it's quickly becoming a popular stop for men seeking out fashion forward footwear.

Sales expert Wayne Pittman says when it comes to finding the right fit, forget about the numbers.

He says we know our foot size by U.S. standards, but many shoes are made elsewhere. He says you always have to try your shoes on, and forget about what the number says. 

The knowledgable staff is able to recommend something for any customer. Basic black used to be considered the go-to shoe for guys, but not any more. 

"There was this old premise that says a black shoe goes with everything. No it does not," Pittman says, chuckling. He says if you're looking for that go-to shoe, pick out a tan or a neutral shoe. 

While buying shoes may seem like a simple concept, Pittman says there is one thing most guys are getting wrong.

"Make sure the shoe fits properly," he says. "The fit is the most important thing. If a guy is extremely flat footed, then he should probably stay away from a slip on shoe because they're going to gap on him. If a guy has a high instep, he should probably stay away from a shoe that's going to ride right across his instep. It's basically based on the shoe itself."