Gems of Detroit fundraiser May 17

Gems of Detroit is an annual school fundraiser for Cristo Rey High School, and is a big tasting event. You'll get unlimited food and drink from the "Gems of Detroit," the city's best restaurants. 

It's happening this year on May 17 at Eastern Market.

Naomi Howrani from Detroit Christo Rey joined us in studio to tell us more about the event, along with Brittany Grzywa from Bobcat Bonnies to tell us more about some of the food. You can hear from them in the video player above, and get their spinach dip recipe below. 

You can get more information on the fundraiser here

1 bag of spinach 
6 oz cream cheese (room temp)
5 ½ oz of artichoke quarters
6 oz of parmesan (SAVE 1 OZ FOR THE TOP)
8 oz mayo
1 tablespoon minced garlic

Portion, top with parmesan and cook at 450 degrees 3-5 minutes until browned. 

Couple with naan bread and fresh tortilla chips for dipping!

Pull out your cream cheese to soften
Boil 4 quarts of water
Once boiling add spinach
Cook spinach until wilted down (2-3 minutes)
Strain spinach into china cap until all water is removed
Put into desired container
Add your softened cream cheese, artichoke quarters, parmesan, mayo, and garlic
Hand mix using large metal serving spoon until all combined with desired consistency.
Portion your Spinach Dip into desired container
Generously top with parmesan and cook in oven at 450 for 3-5 min or until golden brown.