'Glamping' resort coming to northern Michigan

Northern Michigan will soon be home to its first "glamping" destination. What is "glamping?" You guessed it -- glamarous camping.

Brad and Sandy Carlson are opening Bella Solviva, a 229-acre eco-resort in Antrim County in the Jordan River Valley, not too far from Torch Lake. The site is planned to feature hundreds of luxurious accomidations, which will range from safari tents to tree houses - and even an airplane.

Michiganders have welcomed the idea with open arms. When word first out out, Bella Solviva wrote on its Facebook page that they've received more than two thousand inquiries in just 48 hours. They're also having to upgrade their website to handle the high amount of traffic.

A grand opening is scheduled for spring 2016, but they are hoping to schedule some accommodations beginning in fall 2015. The reservations system is scheduled open Aug. 1.

Prices range from $57 a night for a basic tent to $1,000 a night for a family that chooses the most luxurious experience. Traditional camping will also be permited on the grounds.

VIDEO: Learn more about the upcoming Bella Solviva from owner Brad Carlson

Online: www.bellasolviva.com