Halloween Decor Tips

October is here and that means its time to plan a festive Halloween party.

Twigs and Branches Floral has some unique ideas to make your party memorable:


Its Fall!  Perfect time to get the kids together to do some fun festive projects to decorate the house for the Holidays or have a party.  Check out our fun, inexpensive, easy ideas we have for you and your child to do!

Mummy Mason Jars
          -Mason jar of any size, wrapped stripes of cheese cloth around the jar with hot glue or glue dots, add fake goggly eyes on jar after wrapped.  You can put a candle in the jar or even candy for the kids!

Fun Pumpkins
          -Grab a pumpkin and a drill!  First you’re going to cut out the bottom and clean the pumpkin out.  Your cutting the bottom so you can place the pumpkin over a candle or led light.  Take the drill with a drill bit size of your choice.  You can drill holes in patterns or random.  Place the candle or light inside and you’re done!
            -Grab the spray paint!  Who said the pumpkins had to be orange.  Bright colors are fun for kids and even the looking glass mirror spray paint is great!
            -Henna pumpkins?  Very easy!  All you need is puff paint and your pumpkin.  You can create patterns and different designs to your taste!  So fun for the kids!

Funky Bud Vases
            -Take any random bud vases you have and spray them in any bright color of your choice!  Add some             fresh or dried flowers of your liking even the goggly eyes!

Spooky Mini Pumpkins
          -Take your mini pumpkins and cut the side out enough to fit in the fake vampire teeth.  Once your whole is cut out stick the teeth inside and add some eyes to complete the look.  You can paint the pumpkin to create different colors!

Party Cup Eyes!
          -Perfect for the kids!  Just grab some plastic party cups in different colors and just add some goggly eyes!  You can have the kids decorate the cups adding other facial expressions.

Trick or Treat Tin Cans
          -Save your tin cans from cooking!  Take a drill and small bit and drill holes in any design.  Paint your can with some spray paint of any color.  Add a candle and your done!

Creepy Window Boards
            -Save your card board boxes and cut them in strips the side of a standard wood  board.  Take a black permanent marker and draw lines like wood grain and hang them uneven on the your windows at home to create a spooky house!

BOO Letters
          -Buy the block letters B O O!  You can paint them.  Wrap them with cheese cloth, stick the goggly eyes on             them.  Take sticks from your yard and hot glue them in the shape of the letter.

Air Duct Pumpkins
            -Grab some silver air duct from your local hardware store.  Take your hot clue and take both ends and put   them together putting one side inside other with a strip of glue to hold it.  Paint the pumpkin in any color. Take a toilet paper card board roll and cut it 3 inches.  Hot glue the roll in the middle and add decorate leaves or Spanish moss around the stem of the pumpkin!

Pipe Insulation Chains
            -Go to your local hardware store and grab some pipe insolation stripes.  Cut them in 1 inch sections and link them together to create a soft fun inexpensive chain!

Juice Box Mummy
            -Perfect for your kids Halloween party.  Label your juice box on the bottom with the flavor because you will be covering the box.  Take white tape and wrap the box add some goggly eyes and wrap the tape back over one of the eyes half way to create a cute look!

Tis the Season to warm sweaters, bonfires, and dressing up in costumes.  Check out some of our fun and chic decor to dress up any festive party or just some nice decor in your home.

-Spider Candelabra
            Check out your favorite thrift store or garage sale. You may even have a candelabra in      your attic or                 basement.  You can also use chandelier.  Spray paint it black and some spider webs and fake spiders.  Perfect for a centerpiece on your table or even an accent in your home!

-Bloody Candles
            Take any size ivory pillar candle.  Purchase a red taper candle any size because you will be melting             this.  Light the red taper candle and hold it over the ivory pillar candle and let the red wax drip down the candle.  Cover the ivory candle until your liking and your done!  Add the candles into a black lanterns.  Place them on your porch or around your house!

-Bat Tree
            Time to head outside!  Grab some spooky branches from your backyard or forest near       by.  Spray paint the branches black.  Using some old rustic wood or barn wood to make a 7x7” box to put the branches in.  Head to your local craft store and grab some dry oasis foam.  Cut the blocks to fit your rustic box.  Hot glue the branches inside the foam to create a tree coming out of the box.   Add Spanish moss to the base of the tree             to hide the foam.  To make the bats you can either purchase some already made bats from any store selling fall decor.  You can also take black craft paper fold in half and cut out the outline of the bat.  Hot glue them to your tree!

-Birch Cluster
            Take birch branches and cut them in different sizes ranging 6”-10”  They do need to be about 4” thick.  Drill a hole in the middle to fit a tea light.  Cluster them together and add spider webs around them.

-Spooky Arrangement
            Take any cool detailed container.  Spray paint black and add some designer floral foam     inside for fresh flowers.  Add a mix of all shade of orange flowers for a perfect festive centerpiece.

-Chalk Board Candle Holder
            Save your bottles of wine!  After finished clean the label off and spray paint the bottles    black.  You can purchase black pillar candles or color of your choice from your local craft store.  Stick the pillar candles in the bottle opening and light!  The candles may drip but that adds to the look.

-Nylon Pumpkins
            Purchase an orange pumpkin from your local pumpkin patch!  Purchase ladies nylons         with a fun             pattern that will show up on the pumpkin.  Fit the pumpkin inside the nylon and cover the whole pumpkin.  Tie the excess off at the top and cut the rest off.

-Sassy Wreaths
            Purchase a Styrofoam wreath from your local craft store or repurpose one you don't use anymore.  Take a feather boa and wrap it around the foam.  hot gluing the ends to the foam. 
            Take a wicker wreath and spray paint in black.  Add fake black snakes and bugs hot glued to the wreath.  Also you can add goggly eyes for a fun spooky look.

-Creepy Mason Jars
            Fill mason jars with batting mixing in black fake spiders and bugs.  You can add an led light inside to light it up!

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