Halloween Safety

Here are some Halloween Safety tips from the Wayne County Sheriff's office:

Costumes should be flame resistant, bright, have reflective striping, fit well and don't cover up eyes and ears.
Leave the swords, canes and light sabers at home.
Carry glow sticks or flashlights that you can get at the Dollar stores or other areas where they sell Halloween items.

Trick or treat in small groups with at least one adult. Know the route and make sure they know to stick to it.
Have them use the adult's phone to check in (don't let them take a phone they could lose in the dark).
Only approach homes that are WELL LIT, stay on sidewalks, do not cross in middle of street or run between houses or in alleys.
Tell your kids don't go near or get in to any car.
If a stranger approaches them in any way, tell the kids to run to the the adult in the group.
Call police immediately if you see anything suspicious.

Remove anything kids could cause kids to trip or fall.
Leave all outside lights on
Sweep wet leaves and other debris from sidewalks and steps so no one falls.
Put your pets inside for the night, so they won't be agitated by all the activity.  
Drive below the posted speed limit where you know kids are roaming especially between 5 and 8 p.m.
Accidents increase four-fold on Halloween.  Pay extra attention at crosswalks, intersections, medians and curbs.
Park near where you plan to visit in a well lit area, however don't let teens drive, and that's due to curfews and they're just too inexperienced for all that activity.

Don't let the kids eat any treats until they bring them home to be examined by you.
Eat only factory-wrapped treats- nothing homemade.  
If you have questions about suspicious looking treats, call your local police department.
Remember, if in doubt, throw it out!