Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse prepares salmon and spinach

Did you know that shrimp will start to curl when seared? That's when you flip them. But don't wait too long! You only have three minutes to lift them out of the pan before the get over-seared. 

Build upon that dish with salmon and spinach, a healthy and protein-packed dish sure to keep the doctor away.

8 oz. Salmon Fillet
1 oz. Blended Oil
1 oz. Lemon Oil
¼ Tsp.     Fish Seasoning 

1.    Season and sear salmon with fish seasoning and the blended oil.
2.    Place the seared salmon filet on a plate.
3.    Drizzle the lemon oil on top of the salmon. 

10 oz.     Creamed Spinach (recipe below)
1/3 Cup    Seasoned Bread Crumbs (recipe below)

1.    Heat creamed spinach in a sauté pan until temperature reached 165°.
Note: If too loose add a little fresh spinach or too dry add a little heavy cream.
2.    Pour creamed spinach into a baking dish and covered with seasoned breadcrumbs.
3.    Bake at 350° until golden brown and minimum internal temperature reaches 180°.