Jill of All Trades: Customizing a necklace for any outfit

This week, our Jill of all Trades, Jill Washburn shows how to customize costume jewelry to fit a specific color scheme or occasion.  There's no need to run all over town trying to find just the right piece to match an outfit.  You can take an inexpensive piece of costume jewelry and make it a unique custom piece to match or highlight your outfit.

Jill says all you need is a costume piece with clear faux gems or bezel set faux pearls and a set of permanent markers.  Jill shows Deena and Jessica that you can simply color the gemstones in the colors of your choice with the markers. You can even build the color by doing multiple coats of color.

If you're not sure that you like the color, you've got a few moments to wipe it off with a little rubbing alcohol.  A diaper wipe or cotton swab with 91% rubbing alcohol works great.  Once you get the color you want, let it set for a few minutes and you've got a permanent unique customized piece.  The color will not come off on your clothing or skin.

Want to see for yourself?  Click on the video player above.