Keep Kids Moving and Healthy with MonkeyPlay

Childhood obesity is a growing problem across the United States and parents need all the creative options to keep their kids healthy and active.

Ruth Habrecht, founder of MonkeyPlay, is introducing a new and innovative program to address childhood inactivity, Already implemented in some Michigan area daycares and preschool, MonkeyPlay brings the joy of movement back into the lives of children by mimicking some of their favorite animals.

Habrecht visited the Fox2 Studios Sunday morning to discuss the program and demonstrate how it encourages kids to start healthier, more physically active lives.

She also provided a preview of an event from 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m. April 27 at Garden Montessori School. In conjunction with Whole Foods, MonkeyPlay will offer a program first mimicking animals that eat fruits and vegetables-like orangutans, elephants, hornbills, fruit bats, and rhinoceros.

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