Life hacks with Jill of All Trades

This week on Jill of All Trades, Jill Washburn shows us two of her simplest life hacks that we just love. 

First, if you have a wallet with credit card slots that are super-tight and you’re always struggling to get your cards or i.d. out, Jill says you can remedy the problem with a little strip of tape. Just stick it to the end of the card, fold it over into a short tab, and stick the rest to the back of the card.  You should have a short tab, maybe a ½” long extending off your card or i.d.  Now you can just pull that and your card will come out of the wallet so much easier.  No more fishing around for it, or trying to use your nail to nudge it out of the slot.  Jill says, just be careful not to cover the magnetic strip, or the embedded chip.

Next, if you have a TV remote that is in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere that it can get dirty or wet, you need this next trick.  Jill puts her kitchen TV remote in a plastic sandwich bag, cuts off most of the access, and folds the remaining plastic around the back of the remote.  Then, she fastens it with a strip of clearing packing tape.  The remote will still work through the plastic, but is protected from the grime of everyday life.  Jill says this is even great for people who sit on the sofa with pizza, or chips, or anything else that can grease up,  grime up, or gunk up the remote.  It also protects it from spilled drinks, pets and youngsters. 

If you have a remote that is over-sized or weirdly shaped and it won’t fit in a sandwich bag, Jill says that you can get the same effect but wrapping your remote in a narrow strip of plastic wrap, folding over the ends, and running a strip of the clear packing tape down the back to fasten it.  This simple trick can make your remote last a lot longer and save you some money, because having to replace a remote gets pricey.

When the plastic wrap gets worn out or ripped, just replace it.  It will keep your remote like new.


To watch Jill demonstrate these life hacks, click on the video player above.