Living the Life: All about infidelity

This Living the Life segment is all about infidelity. What constitutes as cheating? Do you speak up if you know someone is being cheated on? says that 70 percent of men in their study have admitted to cheating, and that more than 50 percent of married women say they've had an affair.

One in three marriage continue after an affair. Psychologist Dr. Carol Van Dyke joins us to tell us how to move on after that happens. Her biggest advice is that both parties have to be committed to making the marriage work. The first step is, obviously, having the cheating partner end the current affair.

She says, in some cases, marriages have gotten even stronger after an affair.

Dr. Van Dyke also has advice on what to do if you know someone who is cheating, or is being cheated on.

"First, you want to assses the friendship," she says. "But in most cases -- the woman knows."

You can watch more of their discussion in the video player above.