Mabel Gray

Chef James Rigato is now serving his renowned dishes at Mabel Gray.

The restaurant is located in Hazel Park.

This recipe is courtesy of Chef James Rigato:

Roasted Michigan Beet Salad with Whipped Goat Cheese, Pomegranate, Pistachio and Endive

Feeds 4 – 8 people

Roast 5 – 10 Michigan beets until tender. Peel and quarter. Set aside.

Mulled Red Wine Vinaigrette

2 cups dry red wine

1 Orange. Peel the orange and add the skins. Cut the fruit in half, squeeze and add the fruit as well.

2 cinnamon sticks

10 clove

3 star anise

5 allspice berries

1 teaspoon cracked pepper

Salt, to taste

1/3 cup sugar

Heat until slight simmer. Let rest 10 minutes. Strain. Blend in ½ cup red wine vinegar, ¼ cup honey and 1 cup blended oil.


Whipped goat cheese.

1 log chevre (4-5 ounces)

3 Tablespoons buttermilk

Pinch salt

Couple dashes tabasco

Puree in a robot coupe (food processor until smooth)

1 pomegranate, seeded

1 Belgian endive, shaved

½ cup toasted pistachio, chopped

Drizzle olive oil

Warm the beets in the oven and toss in desired amount of dressing. Plate over the whipped goat cheese and allow some of the dressing to disperse around the plate. Plate the remaining ingredients artfully around the beets. Serve immediately. Enjoy.

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