Mac n' Brews at Royal Oak Farmer's Market

The ultimate comfort food pairing is happening this weekend with some macaroni and cheese and some beer. The Man n' Brews & Comfort Food festival is Saturday, February 25 at the Royal Oak Farmer's Market.

Dozens of beer samples, mac and cheeses and other comfort foods will be on-hand to try. The event is sold out, but you can be put on a waiting list at You can also celebrate at home and make Jim Brady's Main Street Mac recipe:

1 each Main Street Veggie Bag
8 oz Cavatappi Pasta
.5 fl oz of blended oil
6 fl oz of cheese sauce
1.5 oz of Cheddar Ritz Crust
.01 oz parsley
.05 oz Secret Seasoning
2.5 oz smoked chicken

In a sauté pan at medium heat add blended oil, main street veggie bag, seasoning and sauté
Add cheese sauce to sauté pan on low heat. 
Dunk Cavatappi pasta in pasta cooker for 15-25 seconds
Add Cavatappi pasta to cheese sauce and toss to incorporate completely
Remove from heat once it reaches 165 degrees
Transfer to bowl and top evenly with cheddar Ritz crust
Put in salamander until golden brown (35-45 seconds)
Serve and enjoy!!

*do not over brown the Ritz topping, it will go very fast in the salamander