Mujadara with Mandaloun Bistro

Mandaloun Bistro joined us on The Nine to show us a recipe for Meatless Monday. 

Melissa Bitar and Executive Chef Malake Bitar showed us how to make mujadara, a veggie rice dish. You can hear from them in the video player above. 

TO MAKE: First, dice an onion and fry with olive oil. Wait until onion is light in color then add lentils and tablespoon of salt. Then add water. Let boil for ten minutes. Then add rice. Then let boil for another ten minutes until it dries out.

Serve with fried onions on top and side of yogurt 

Two white onions
4 oz olive oil
One cup and half large green lentils
Half cup jasmine rice
Two and a half cups of water
One table spoon salt