Muskegon girl, 9, starts business to help parents pay her medical bills

A young girl with a mysterious disease is taking matters into her owns hands when it comes to her mounting medical bills. Morgan Franklin, 9, has linear morphea.

"It affects their collegen in their skin, so it'll harden the skin. It'll go in and affect their muscles and it can affect organs and shut them down," Morgan's mother Elizabeth explained. She'll have it for life as there is no cure right now, but she does have a chance to go into remission with treatment.  

Morgan was on Pinterest one day when she got an idea on how to help contribute financially to her family. She takes rocks from various Michigan lakes, paints them and sells them to help her parents with the medical bills. 

After Morgan's story originally aired she has been getting rocks to paint from all over the country. Their family is from Muskegon, but Morgan has been receiving treatment University of Michigan's C.S. Mott Children's Hospital.

For those interested in purchasing a rock, it was Morgan's wish to sell them by donation only, so there's no set price.

You can place an order on Morgan's Creations' Facebook page, or by emailing Morgan's mom at You can also make a monetary donation, and read more about Morgan and her diagnosis, on their GoFundMe page