New menu and expanded hours at Aretha's Jazz Cafe

It's been called "one of the best jazz clubs in America," and Aretha's Jazz Cafe continues to raise the bar. They have a new chef and a new menu now to compliment some new music and an expanded schedule.

Executive Chef Collin Casey joined us on The Nine to tell us more. You can hear from him in the video player above, and watch as he prepares Spanish harlem tostadas. You can get his recipe below. 

4 servings / 30 minutes 
2 Yellow Corn Tortillas 
1 Cup Pulled Pork 
1 Cup Chicken Breast (Chopped) 
1 Cup Peppers (Julienne) 
1 Cup Onions (Diced) ¼ Cup Pico De Gallo 
¼ Cup Guacamole 
¼ Sour Cream 
¼ Cup Olive Oil 
Start off by deep frying the tortillas at 350 degrees fahrenheit. While those are cooking. Bring a sauce pan up to temperature with either melted butter or olive oil. Sauté onions and peppers until caramelized and softened. Add in the remainder of ingredients and continue to simmer until it becomes slightly charred on the outside. Turn flame off. Remove your tortillas from the deep fryer and spread sour cream on 2 of them. Add ingredients from sauce pan onto them and spread equally. Then, place the remaining 2 tortillas on top. Garnished with guacamole and pico de gallo. Sour cream on the side.