Out and About: Zombie paintball in Lenox Twp.

Whether it's Will Smith in "I am Legend" or Bruce Campbell in "Army of Darkness," we've all dreamed of taking out some zombies. Well, your dreams can come true for one more weekend in Lennox Township -- if you dare.

The Haunted Farm of Terror in Lennox Township has plenty of fright.

"We have one of the best hayrides in Michigna right now, and one of the best haunted houses in Michigan right now," says owner Charlie Along.

But there's also something a little more unique -- zombie paintball. Where you get to fight back.

"You get to shoot at live zombies down range and if you hit certain targets you win prizes," name Along.

The Haunted Farm is open until Nov. 1. Their website is www.hauntedfarmofterror.com.