Plant Powered Summer Skin Care

Dirty Girl Farm's Heather Rosencrantz came in-studio to give her best beauty tips for the sunny season - and it's all plant-based! Watch in the video player above.

Summer Season Beauty Tip #1: 
Avoid antiperspirants with harmful ingredients and turn to natural deodorants instead.
Antiperspirants can trap toxins in the body with active ingredients such as aluminum.  When this happens the toxins can journey to the lymph nodes and contribute to cellular changes leading to health concerns.  To avoid this situation, while still staying fresh and reducing odors from underarm perspiration, turn to natural deodorants instead.

Summer Season Beauty Tip #2:

Keep your skin moisturized in the warm months with nourishing, plant-based lotions.
Exposure to sun in the summertime, plus outdoor activities where you are in and out of a pool, lake, or ocean and applying sunblock can dry out your skin.  It is key to stay moisturized and always important to turn to products with natural ingredients.  Dirty Girl Farm's lotions are made for this purpose.

Summer Season Beauty Tip #3:
Tap into the power of Vitamin C to heal skin and address sun spots and freckling.
Vitamin C has many beneficial attributes but it is especially helpful in the summertime as a topical ingredient in skincare.  Specifically, Dirty Girl Farm's Vitamin C Serum protects skin from sun and UV rays to prevent aging.  It can also address sun-spots and freckling, which are common during summertime.
Natural Beauty Ingredient Spotlight:  SHEA BUTTER offers a unique concentration of vitamins and fatty acids that deeply moisturize the skin.  It also helps reduce inflammation due to the presence of cinnamic acid.
Natural Beauty Ingredient Spotlight:  HONEY is a natural antibacterial and also full of antioxidants, which is especially helpful to soothe irritated skin.

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