Safe sleeping procedures for infants

Unsafe sleep is the number one health threat to babies from one month to one year old. 

If you are expecting, have a new baby or are caring for a newborn, knowing safe sleep procedures to protect the infant is a must.

According to the Michigan Public Health Institute, from 2010-2012 more than 400 sleep-related deaths took place in Michigan. Of the 121 sleep-related deaths in Wayne County, 72 percent of the deaths involved an infant sleeping with another person and the majority of the infants were in a position other than on their back. 

To protect your baby while they are sleeping, the Kohl's Injury Prevention Program ( KIPP) recommends you:

§    Always place baby on his/her back when sleeping 
§    Always place baby in a crib or pack'n play with a firm mattress, covered by a tight fitted sheet 
§    Always make sure his/her face is uncovered
§    Always use a sleep sack (wearable blanket) for warmth
§    Never use pillows, blankets or bumpers in his/her crib
§    Never place baby on a couch, adult bed, waterbed or recliner
§    Never keep stuffed animals or toys in his/her crib
§    Never overheat the room where he/she is sleeping 
§    Never smoke or allow anyone to smoke in the house with baby
§    Never sleep with or allow ANYONE to sleep with baby
§    Teach anyone who takes care of baby about safe sleep practices