School lunch ideas beyond PB&J

For parents who pack school lunches, nutrition is a key factor.
Registered Dietitian and 'mom to mom nutrition' blogger Katie Serbinski offers tips on how to make fun, creative, easy and healthy non-sandwich lunches for kids.

1. Personal Pizza Kabobs
Mix and match your pizza toppings based on what your kids like and serve with their favorite dipping sauce.

2. Apple Cheese Wraps w/o the bread
Add thinly sliced cheese to sliced apples and wrap the two with a thin strip of deli meat.

3. Hummus Snack Plate
Kids love dipping, and you can give them a variety of veggies to dip in hummus.
If your kids shy away from hummus, you can give them Greek yogurt too.

4. Banana Sushi Rolls:
Take a piece of whole wheat bread and using a rolling pin roll it flat.
Spread your favorite nut butter or sun butter on the bread.
Lay a whole banana in the middle and carefully roll up the bread around the banana.
Slice into six pieces that are 1.5 inches thick.

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