Segway Rental at Hines Park

FOX 2's Derek Kevra teamed up with Hines Park Segway Rental for an adventure at Hines Park, the only place you can rent segways in Hines Park. 

"We rent segways. We do guided tours on the segways down in the park. We don't gear them down, we go full speed and we ride back up in the woods and trails," says Eddie Henderson, owner of Hines Park Segway Rental.  

The tours are anywhere from 1-2 hours and it's a great opportunity to explore as long as you use the segway safely. In the 5 years Hines Park Segway Rental has been in Hines Park, there hasn't been any major injuries, which they are proud of. 

"There is no accelerator. There is no breaks up here, it's all done with your feet. The way you get the segway to go forward, is you lean on the balls of your feet," says Henderson.

Heather Matheson of Hines Park Segway Rental wants all users to fully understand how the segways function before using one. 

"Getting on a segway, [use] two hands and then you step up on it just like a step stool," says Matheson. "Right and left is just a pull of the lean steer, whatever way you want to turn." 

Hines Park Segway Rental is open 7 days a week, April through October. Check out their website for more information.