Slipstream Theatre debuts B.F.'s!

Two best friends from Hazel Park struggle to find their identities in a world that shuns boys who dress a little differently. That's the basis of Frank Anthony Polito's play, 'B.F.'s!'

The local author and playwright's script has been produced on the national stage in New York and San Francisco, but now, the play will premiere to a Michigan audience.

Slipstream Theatre is currently producing the play which debuts September 5 through September 27 at the company's venue at 20937 John R. Road in Hazel Park.

B.F.'s! takes place over the course of four years from 1984 - 1988. Two best friends experience a tremendous amount of internal struggling, and an overwhelming sense of needing to find their own voices, and more importantly, to have their voices heard.

Critics say the play resonates to men and women of all generations as it is a story about coming of age and learning to deal with the consequences.

The two person cast, under the direction of Artistic Director Bailey Boudreau, consists of teenaged actors Maxim Vinogradov and Jackson Abohasira.

Tickets to B.F.'s! are $12.  Reservations are required.

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