Stage Deli in West Bloomfield going strong since 1962

The Stage Deli in West Bloomfield Township goes well beyond your typical turkey, ham and corned beef sandwiches. 

It's been open since 1962, and takes its sandwiches to a whole different level. A lot of the food is rooted in Eastern European tradition, back in Poland.

"Wherever I go anywhere in the world, if I'm eating deli, I'm always comparing to the Stage back at home. It can be in New York; they don't know deli. It can be Florida; they don't know deli. This is deli," customer Mike Clinton told us. 

The menu provides something for everyone. Some of the signature items include the West Side Story, which comes with corned beef, coleslaw, Russian dressing, and house baked rye bread.
The bread is served warm with a crispy crust.

"You get the saltiness of the corned beef, the sweetness of the Russian dressing, and the crunch of the coleslaw - all of which are made here in house. It's a delicious combination," owner Steve Goldberg says. 

If you're watching your carbs, try the mark Bel-Taire salad. 

"It's kind of a corned beef sandwich without the bread," Josh says to Goldberg.  

"Exactly," he confirms. "It's all of the pleasure and less calories."

For a traditional taste, try the matzah ball soup.

"You take a little piece and get it with the broth and you feel your soul go, 'Ahh,'" Goldberg says. 

The dish that caught Josh's attention is their noodle pudding.

"It's a distant cousin of the bread pudding. It's made with wide egg noodles instead of bread, sugar, cinnamon, sour cream and raisins. Some people eat it as a savory side dish; some people eat it for dessert," Goldberg says. 

Three generations are bagged up in this restaurant, which is located at 6873 Orchard Lake Road.