Stroh's beer coming back to Michigan

Stroh's beer is coming back to Michigan after more than 30 years.

Stroh's is a Detroit original but hasn't been brewed in the Motor City since 1985. That changes in 2016.

Eric Phillips from Stroh's joined us in studio to tell us more about the pilsner that will be brewed right here in Detroit.

The Stroh's Bohemian Pilsner will be available only in Michigan stores, bars and restaurants starting August 22.

"I'm really proud to be bringing Stroh's back to the city with the Bohemian Pilsner," Phillips said.

Stroh's was founded in 1850 in Detroit and the first beer was delivered via wheelbarrow.

Phillips said Stroh's used some old recipes from the 1850s and trailored them to today to come up with the new pilsner.

Stroh's will brew in Corktown and Phillips said more Stroh's will be brewed in Detroit.