Tasting the favorites at Honest John's in Midtown

French toast that tastes like cereal? Honest John's in Midtown serves up quite the concoctions. 

If you consider yourself an adventurous eater, Honest John's is the place for you. You'll find the bar and diner at the corner of Selden and Second. 

For example, the Fruity Pebble French toast has customers buzzing. Same with their chicken and waffles.

"We've actually upgraded our recipe in the last couple of years here to stay ahead of the game. Some cinnamon, some vanilla, it's fabulous and heavily breaded chicken, so it really ties everything together," owner John Kwiatkowski told us. 

Cook Melissa McCray says their hani is another signature dish. She says they sell lots of those at night. 

Josh Landon noshed on all three dishes - and says his favorite was the fruity pebbles French toast. You can watch more in the video player above.