Tech company respects Detroit history by staying put

It started as a story about a Detroit tech company,  bought out by a big New York firm, and staying put in the Motor City.
But it turns into a history lesson about its old but new office building.

In 1910, the Model T was two years old and the Titanic was a year and a half  away from seeing the bottom of the Atlantic... but in Detroit, construction began on the L.B. King and Company building.

Fast forward  more than a century and some new residents are in one of Detroit's historic buildings.

"Since we've been down here about 100 different companies have come down here to Detroit. So, we've seen all these different companies come in, we've seen the energy level increase, the revival of the city."  says Todd Albery, CEO of Quizzle.

Quizzle is a fast growing credit score tech company that started in Detroit.
And since the renovation, that's right where it's staying.

It's just another example of Detroit is becoming a top spot for tech around the country.

We need to thank the Detroit Historical Society and the Detroit Public Library for the historical pictures... and if you are interested in learning more about Quizzle, check out its website