The Craft Grille Food Truck

There's a new truck turning it's wheels and peoples heads in the metro area.

The Craft Grille Food Truck hails from St. Clair Shores.

The mobile food service's inception started in June of 2015. The founder's name is Kevin Donato and his passion? Food. Growing up in an Italian family, tradition in sustenance form is almost expected.

He grew up loving food, joined the Navy to cook food, enrolled in school to learn more about food and now runs a business based around... you guessed it: Food.

The Craft Grille specializes in gourmet burgers, where they carry five signature sandwiches, including the Cuban burger. A 1/3 Ib patty of prime beef, smoked ham, whole grain mustard, Swiss cheese and craft pickles.

If that description has you salivating, click the link here to learn how to get your hands on one of Detroit's newest beef beauties.