The Peterboro specials at Detroit Restaurant Week

Detroit Restaurant Week is underway. The event gives you a chance to taste some of the best of the best in the Motor City. 

Chef Kevin Walters from The Peterboro joined us in the FOX 2 Cooking School to tell us more about their Restaurant Week Specials. You can hear from them in the video player above, and get their recipe below. 

Detroit Restaurant Week is Feb. 22-March 3. Thirty restaurants are participating, and each have a three-course dinner for only $39 per person, as well as menus at select destinations for $29 per person, excluding beverages, taxes and gratuity for all restaurants. You can get more information at 

General TSO's Chicken
Soy sauce 1 cup
Oyster sauce 2 tbsp
Chk stock 1/2 cup
Palm sugar 1/2 cup
Rice wine vinegar 1/2 cup 

1. Heat Wok pan or a hot pan to simulate wok pan
2. Sauté bell peppers, broccoli and fresno peppers in canola oil.
3. Add protein of choice: tofu, chicken or beef.
5. Deglaze the pan with shaoxing wine or rice wine.
6. Add sauce and thicken that with corn starch slurry.