Tips for buying good second-hand furniture

Liz Adelman joined us on The Nine with some tips and tricks to buying good second-hand furniture. She's the assistant manager at Redesign Home Consignment.

You can watch her interview in the video player above, or read some of her tips below. For more information on Redesign Home Consignment, visit The shop is located at 32801 Woodward Avenue in Royal Oak.

1.  Look for craftsmanship: Quality sofas are usually made of hardwoods and use eight-way hand-tied seat construction rather than a drop-in spring.

2. Reupholstering can you save you money.

3. Use your arts and crafts skills for masking imperfections: A well-crafted piece with a "flaw" can easily be made over with a little decorative paint.

4. Look for and assess markings and branding. Quality pieces have some sort of branding on them. It could be a marking branded into the wood, or a tag that was painted over.

5. Keep an open mind and think of a another way to use it: A large planter would make a great coffee table, or a bench can be used for dining room seating.

6. Bring swatch of fabric or swatch of fabric.

7. Not all stores deliver, so bring a truck. Pieces move quickly.