Tips for growing and eating microgreens at home

It might be the coldest part of winter, but eating local and getting your greens is still important.

Keri Winne and Jarred Gild from Western Market joined us on The Nine to tell us more about microgreens, and how you can grow them right at home. 

Microgreens can be any variety of vegetable, fruit or herb that is harvested young and usually not taller than one inch. Western Market carries High Mowing Organic Seeds, stock sprouting seeds, jars and sprouting lids for those interested in experimenting with growing microgreens right at home. 

Microgreens can be easily grown indoors anytime. During the late spring and early fall they may be grown outdoors. There is no need to wait out the cold temperatures if you have a space for them.

Microgreens may be used for salads, soups, sandwiches, even entrees. They really pack in the nutrition. Jarred says, depending on the variety, they can half 4-5 times as much nutrition as a full leaf! 

You can hear more from them about growing microgreens in the video player above. They also shared a salmon burger recipe with us that includes microgreens, which you can get here

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