Tripp Halstead has 'one of his best days ever' on Saturday

A little boy, who suffered severe brain injuries in October of 2012, had one of his best days last weekend, according to his mother. 

Stacy Halstead took to Facebook on Sunday to share the wonderful news about her son, Tripp Halstead:

"I'm so happy to say that Tripp had one of his best days ever yesterday. He was just so happy. He smiled all day. He almost laughed out loud a few times. That mouth would open and his eyes were so bright, you just knew a laugh was right there trying to come out. The picture of him by himself is one of my favorites. Pure joy on that face."

Tripp was critically injured when a tree limb fell on him outside his Winder day care center and spent months recovering in the hospital. On his happy Saturday, Tripp spent the day with his "Nana" then attended a family member's wedding. 

"Tripp smiled for the family picture so hopefully they got a good one of him," Halstead said. 

Last week, we learned Tripp will undergo spine surgery in April. It will be a three hour surgery that will require Tripp to recover in the hospital for one week and another six weeks at home. 

This month, Tripp will undergo hip surgery. 

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