Updating your wardrobe for spring fashion

Spring really feels like it is finally here, making many of us wanting to swap out the winter clothes for some cool new spring fashions.

Ariana Carps, owner of Rear Ends boutique in West Bloomfield, joined us on The Nine to show us some looks that a fresh for the season.

Boho: Flare jeans are really in this season. Rear Ends has them in all shades of denim, white, and black along with palazzo pants and gauchos. Boho tops seem to make an appearance every few seasons but this year they are more tailored to show off a woman's body.

Grunge: Ripped jeans are another look we're still seeing a lot of this spring. Along with just the basic rip patterns we've seen for awhile, the denim companies are also showing jeans with reinforced rips (which is really nice so they won't open anymore), cutoff bottoms and released hems. Plaid is more in than ever before, showing up in everything from silk tops to button down shirts, and outerwear jackets. The grunge is carrying through to t-shirt with a lot of distressed t-shirts and shirt without cutouts.

Classic: But the basic skinny jean isn't going anywhere. The best thing about this season is that every style seems to be in- skinny, straight, bootcut, and flare. The one thing Ariana says she really encourages is that people try on something that is a little bit out of their comfort zone. Maybe they won't buy it the first time they try it on but it helps them mentally get in the mindset of buying something new. When everything is in style it is best to be open minded when you walk into a store.

You can get more information on her store at www.shoprearends.com.