White Wolf Japanese Patisserie presents Macaroons


  1. Almond Flour            150g                            300g
  2. Powdered Sugar       150g                            300g
  3. Egg Whites                  55g                              110g
  4. Sugar                         150g                            300g
  5. Water                        to wet                          <
  6. Sugar                           15g                              30g
  7. Egg Whites                   55g                              110g


  1. Create Paste with the Almond Flour, Powdered Sugar and Whites.
  2. Heat Sugar and Water to soft ball, 240*F, meanwhile whip Whites and Sugar to soft peaks.
  3. Pour hot Sugar and Water mixture into whipping whites, whip until cool.
  4. Fold Almond paste into white mixture, keep mixing until when batter is left for a moment, there is no peak.
  5. Bake on a silpat at 300*F for 10-15min.