Yoga Moves MS Party with Purpose

Multiple Sclerosis affects millions of Americans on a daily basis and there is no cure. However, there are more than a dozen FDA approved medications that can help, and researchers are finding yoga to be a meaningful therapy alternative. 

This year marks a decade since Yoga Moves MS was founded to help MS patients and to spread awareness for its therapeutic benefits. To celebrate, the organzations is hosting a Party with a Purposey at 7 p.m. today at the Majestic Theater in downtown Detroit. 

Dr. Rany Aburashed, Chief of Neurology and Director of Multiple Sclerosis at the Memorial Institute for Neurosciences and Multiple Sclerosis; and Mindy Eisenberg Director of Yoga Moves MS, dropped by the Fox2 News studios Saturday with Dory Jolin, a Yoga Moves MS student, to display some of the beneficial yoga moves and to preview the event.